Why Men Leave Relationships for Worse Ones

As if it wasn’t bad enough to be dumped by your man, he dumps you for a woman who is less than you. Your confidence is shaken and you’re left wondering what he was really thinking when he was going for his next catch (who obviously stands nowhere in your comparison).

The answer to this lies in the deep, subconscious attraction that exists between these women and your man. It is a phenomenon with psychological origins and is basically an instinct to make relationship last longer.

It is very difficult to come to terms with the fact that men sometimes prefer to be with women who are dull than to be with those who are attractive, intellectual and independent.

What hurts most is that you tried, in every possible way, to be the perfect girlfriend. You were supportive, understanding, caring and looked after all his needs. Yet, he drifted off and finally dumped you for a lesser woman. It makes you wonder whether you too should have been bossy, ordering him around. May be you too could have tried nagging him about his bad habits and how he should do things. You could have tried putting all your bag and baggage on him instead of being supportive and independent. Maybe that would have kept him close to you

In spite of everything you may think and want… the fact is that you can never dictate a man how to love you. It is that deep connection and gut feeling of love that makes a relationship run. However, there are three things that you can do to make yourself attractive to men:

Let The Men Be – It is important that you don’t constantly tell your man that he needs to change. If he is not something, he is not. Your constant prodding will only strengthen his resolve further and you lose the battle even before you start playing.

Be Intellectually Attractive – Understandably, the first thing that gets a couple close is physical attraction. The sad part is that most people dwell too much on this aspect in the initial phase of their relation. Soon enough the physical attributes take a back seat and the person looks for intellectual compatibility. If you didn’t pay attention to this earlier, it will certainly affect your relationship. Make sure that you are the right combination of brains and beauty. Develop common interests and keep yourself abreast with the latest.

Give Him Space – Sticking around too much and demanding constant attention is a turn off for most men. Besides him, have a life of your own too. In the long run, it will ensure that you are not emotionally over dependent on him. Give space and get space should be the mantra to work on.

Bottom line, you can make yourself as attractive as you want to. Inherently, there is no difference between you and the woman he left you for. It is just a question of how you enhance and develop the initial attraction into a lasting relationship. The solution to your problem lies in your own hands.

Jess Lorinter

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