Top 7 dating advice you should ignore

  1. You can change him or her. A big mistake! Keep your eyes open and be realistic.
  2. Don’t have sex on the first date night. It must be in perfect time. No matter in what day. There are no rules here!
  3. You should lower your standards. Why?! Upholding standards it is not mean being picky, it means knowing what you really want and don’t agree for less than you deserve.
  4. Online dating is for people who can’t find real relationships. Online dating is just one more chance for single person finds the mate. We are free to try all different forms of dating.
  5. Wait at least three days before calling. The truth is, if you will wait three days, you will lose emotional momentum.
  6. Being stylish is too gay. In fact, attention to wardrobe does not make you look like a gay. On the contrary, many women find it attractive when a guy puts care into the way he dresses.
  7. Give everyone a chance. Only if you really want to…

Jess Lorinter

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