To Be Or Not To Be Honest In A Relationship

Too much of anything might not be good for you just like being too honest with your partner might not be. We all have secrets and perhaps some secrets are better left unsaid. If you have a new partner and you feel you want to trust him or her i would tell you to go right a head and trust them. What i will not tell you is to be totally honest. Its possible to trust someone without necessarily telling them everything about yourself. Sometimes being too honest can ruin your relationship. Being too honest might not be a good thing.

We all want to know exactly what the person we are having a relationship with thinks or do but sometimes what we do not know will not hurt us. There are things that our partners do that if they told us we would never love them again. We might also never look at them the same way we used to look at them before they told us the truth. The respect you had for them also disappears because they did something that you would not have dared to do yourself. That is why sometimes letting what happened in the past be in the past is a good approach to life. You should be satisfied with what you know about them and trust them enough not to hurt you.

However, sometimes being honest is good. Telling half truths sometimes only worsen the situation. Sometimes being honest saves the partner from finding out something through other sources. Things that you should have told them yourself before they found out from someone else. Relationships have been known to break because a partner could not simply tell the truth or that they hid some truth from their partner. Being honest will also help you be at peace with yourself. You will not worry about your partner finding out something you did from some other people. You will rest knowing what ever you did your partner is okay with it and that they are supporting you and they love you just the way you are.

Whatever you decide in your relationship and whatever your heart feels comfortable with is what you should do. If you feel being totally honest with your partner will not change the way they see you then you should go ahead and tell them everything and not hide. However, if you feel your partner will judge you and maybe leave you then you can choose to tell them half truth. At the end of it all, there has to be some level of honesty in your relationship. You will be the one to decide how much will hurt your relationship and how much will not. Know the person you are relating with, get to know what they expect of you and what they do not. If the person can not handle the truth, spare them and tell them half truths, if they can bear to be told the whole truth and nothing but the truth, go ahead, knock them out, they will recover.

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