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Into Me See. His guess is you mean you want more affection, touch, time and focus from your partner. And in extreme cases, more physical intimacy in the form of sex. What pushes a person away? Lets do a check list.

1/ The first thing that we need to look at is whether you are barking up the wrong tree. Is your partner with you because they love and admire and care for you, or because you are the person they made a commitment to, or because you are the parent of their child?

2/ Are you expecting someone to treat you better than you treat yourself? How do you feel when you are alone? Are you so off purpose in your life, filled with the wrong priorities and therefore totally dependent on your relationship for your happiness. You know that nobody can treat you better than you treat yourself. So, maybe, the gift of lack of intimacy with your lover is showing you that you are off track in your own life.

3/ The secret that draws people close to you, is romance and the key to romance is a single word. Wow. Wow means “I really like you” wow means “I appreciate you” Wow means “you are the best” Wow means “thank you” – so, instead of waiting for Christmas or valentines day, why not make today, the best day.

4/ I know he said 3 but here’s the last one. It’s sensitive, and politically incorrect but have you looked in the mirror lately, smelt your breath, looked at your undies, held your sox to your nose? When we first meet someone we do allot to make ourselves attractive and therefore seduce them. Then sometimes we get the idea that, once committed to a relationship, we don’t need to woo someone. This of course is not the case.

Letting go the old relationship so you can turn up for a new one?

Yes, this is really important. Sometimes we hold onto anger or attraction for an old relationship and that sabotages the quality of the new one. If you are holding anything but gratitude for your past, it’s running you. Consider these little ideas from the universe of nature.

1/ Nobody can do you more harm than good or more good than harm.

2/ Nobody does to you on the outside more than you are doing to yourself on the inside.

3/ There are no victims. We cause our own reality. So actually what they did is what you wanted them to do at some level.

4/ Nature destroys anything that is not fulfilling it’s purpose. Including friendships.

5/ What you judge you breed in your children, attract in a partner or become.

Jess Lorinter

I love reading. I think life is too short to read crap books, so I only read books that come highly recommended. I like reading from all genres. Trashy chick lit, hard-core sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, crime, classics.

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