Office Dating – How To Make It Work

Most workplaces have rules that prohibit coworkers from dating each other. Some companies prohibit employees from dating their bosses, while others prohibit anyone who works at the company dating anyone else who is currently working for them. There are good reasons that these rules are put into place, however, company policy can’t put a stop to love. If you find yourself in an office dating situation, and your company has rules against it, this article presents a few ways that you can make it work without getting fired or disciplined.

Shhhh…Keep it Quiet

Unfortunately, because office dating is against the rules in most workplaces, you will need to keep your romance secret. Easier said than done, but if you want it to work you will have to keep it quiet and on the down low.

You can help keep your romance a secret by refraining from any kind of fraternizing during work hours. Also, try to act normal around each other while in the presence of your other coworkers. When the two of you go out on dates, make sure that you are visiting places that are far from your workplace. You do not want to risk being seen by others that you work with and jeopardizing your employment.

Pretend You are Dating Someone Else

Another great strategy for office dating is to pretend like you are dating someone else. This is the old diversion track. If your coworkers think that you are dating someone who does not work for the company, then they will never suspect that you are dating someone else that you work with.

When You Should Let Your Employer Know

You should also keep in mind that if you are in a relationship with a coworker, you always have the option to let your supervisors know as soon as you can. There are many situations where leniency may be granted. For instance, it may be against the rules for a supervisor to date an hourly employee. However, if the couple is already dating before one of them receives a promotion to supervisor, the relationship will probably be allowed to continue without any problems.

To Tell or Not to Tell – The Choice is yours

When it comes to office dating, the choice is really up to you. Do you keep it secret? Or do you think that you should come out into the open? Overall, your best bet is to hide the situation if possible and for as long as possible. It’s not that you’re trying to be sneaky, but you are trying to preserve your relationship and your job at the same time. You don’t want to lose either one do you? Only let others in on it if it is completely necessary.

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