Free Internet Dating – Why Free is Better


The obvious reason why a free internet dating site is better is because it is free. Of course, you need to make certain that there are no surprises in the site once you join. The name ‘free’ attached to a site no longer means that it is of lower quality. In fact, free sites are sometimes even higher quality than the paid sites, since the members must be attracted through the use of the quality of the components found there. Don’t let yourself be led into the fallacy that quality is guaranteed by paid memberships. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Because free internet dating sites are growing in popularity, more people are joining and placing profiles on the site. The more people involved as members, the more likely you are to find someone there who shares your interests, commitments and activities. The results record of any site isn’t always marriage or a lifelong commitment. It may simply bring people together online who enjoy talking to each other. Or, it may be to open up many new opportunities to date people in your geographical area. Because there are more people participating, there is more opportunity to see results.


The success rate of a free internet dating site is tied directly to the volume of profiles and member visits to the site. A large and busy site probably will continue to be busy as more people are attracted to the web site. Word of mouth and formal advertising both bring more members to a web site. The increased volume brings more advertisers who increase the exposure on the internet. Even if there were no long term commitments on a busy site, the activity going on due to the volume makes the site interesting and fun to visit.

No tricks or gimmicks

Because a free internet dating site is not required to trick people into paying to join, none of the gimmicks that are unfortunately, sometimes used with paid sites are needed. People who respond to your profile do so because they are truly interested in you. They are real people, not invented generations that were created to match your profile. A free site never asks for your credit card information, so you can never find yourself in the position of trying to turn off a membership that you no longer have any desire or need for.


A free internet dating site is supposed to be helpful, informational, interesting, but most of the site should be fun. Fun and interesting sites attract fun and interesting people. If these are the type of people you want to interact with, you can become a member of a free dating site without risking your entertainment budget. Save your dating dollars for dating, not for buying membership in an expensive site that doesn’t get results. Even if you just plan to use the dating site as a place to hang out for a while each day, it’s still a much better deal than membership fees.

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