Facts you must know about online dating

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Digital dating has a lot of pros and cons just like any other thing in this world! We try to make the best use of technology to keep our free online dating app users safe, here are some facts you MUST be aware of online!
online dating

Digital, the word is not only most acquainted with and deeply related to all of us living today. Digital is our way of life! Digital technology and smartphones in a particular way have transformed many aspects of our lifestyle, even how we seek out and build romantic relationships – Online dating apps!

More than half of the population uses online media to connect and establish online relationships or nurture our current relations. Instagramming a friend, whatsapping a relative, emailing a business relation….it’s all part of building online relationships!

And thanks to the era of digital revolution the stigma around online dating has faded away!

So what’re the best ways to embrace the digital dating era?

Go online regularly, timing is everything!
Remember this is a game of numbers, if not you then your potential match will find someone else who has the time. If you take days to reply, while others only take a few hours, it’s easier for people to treat you the same way and especially for new online relationships with strangers.

Be proactive and not just React-ive.
The expectations of men online are changing. Ladies, if you want to be treated equally, don’t you think you should be taking the first time equally oftentimes? Don’t just respond to people, be proactive and take the first step. You may be losing a lot of opportunities. Spend time reading other peoples’ online dating profiles and reach out to them, Confidence is attractive! The best thing about digital dating is that rejection is passive; if someone isn’t interested, they won’t just reply. You’ve got nothing else to lose! Remember – Online dating is a two-way thing.

Look out for the Traps of the Internet!
The Internet is rightly called the Worldwide Web! It is easy to get caught up in the malicious baits or get carried away Googling a potential match. It can be very tempting to befriend a date on social media but it’s a lot better to know about someone’s life through actual conversations. This is how online dating websites and apps help you filter. The online dating profiles provide you with the exact information.
But it isn’t always easy to spot a scam artist, always be on your guard and never give your bank or personal details out to a total stranger. We’re never too old to get taken for a ride. Have a live video chat to get closer to your first date and see them face-to-face. This will help you gain trust and confidence in your match before the meeting.

Your idea of intimacy is altered.
When you are talking to someone online and finally meet, it feels like you’ve known them for a lot longer than you actually have. While this is great in a way, it also creates that false sense of familiarity that tends to make people let down their guard too soon and engage in sexual acts before you normally would have you met them in real life first.

Digital dating has a lot of pros and cons just like any other thing in this world! We try to make the best use of technology to keep our online dating app users safe. Sclubber has a motto to go beyond the limitations of the real world to make online dating a personal experience. Try our Video Chat with Strangers feature to know and verify your date before taking the next step!

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