7 Things Girls prefer to lie about

What secrets hiding women? What do they want?

1.The Age.

It is simple! They lie when they want. For young girls sometimes is more desirable to be older. Some of them cannot wait to grow up faster to be interesting for guys and start dating. On the other hand, older want changes her age to attract a man.

2.The amount of time spend at the Gym.

Women’s want to show off how they take good care of the body. They demonstrate how much effort doing, but usually, it’s just lying there.

3.Interest in Sports.

It’s very sad, but most women hate watching sports. Be careful, they have the talent to pretend. Don’t worry, in time all will be revealed.

4.How many men they have really had Sex with.

Women lie because men cannot handle the truth when it comes to their sexual past.

5.That they never lie.

Women want others to think they are better than they really are. And lie about they never lie.

6.Size doesn’t matter.

Another big lie. ))))

7.Don’t want to get married.

They say that because don’t want to scare the men. It is just a little trick.

Jess Lorinter

I love reading. I think life is too short to read crap books, so I only read books that come highly recommended. I like reading from all genres. Trashy chick lit, hard-core sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, crime, classics.

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