10 Tips how to start dating after divorce

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The divorce is one of the most painful things in human life. Loss of a loved one, you feel like your heart is broken into hundred pieces. All that you need is time… to be honest, a lot of time really. All that you need to remember is that one day the pain will be gone.

After some time has passed, you will be ready to consider dating again. But, you may need a few tips.

  1. Try Online dating site or Apps – Dating online can be complicated and unstable but it certainly is a place where you can meet people as well as make new friends.
  2. Go out with friends – Let your friends know that you’re back! Start loves the life again. Enjoy the time spent with friends.
  3. Be active – Join an activity group. The sport will make you feel full of energy, healthy and happy.
  4. Buy new clothes and change your haircut. The new fresh look also can make You happy.
  5. Be sure in yourself, in your charm and individuality. It can be hard for you to believe in yourself, especially after divorce. Work on thinking positively about yourself. If you catch yourself thinking negative like “no one likes me” stop yourself and challenge the thought. Counter it with productive thoughts, identifying positive things about yourself. Be positive, be open and be better!
  6. Never give up!!! The real life it is not easy but is definitely worth it.
Jess Lorinter

Jess Lorinter

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