Facts you must know about online dating

online dating

Digital dating has a lot of pros and cons just like any other thing in this world! We try to make the best use of technology to keep our free online dating app users safe, here are some facts you MUST be aware of online!

10 Tips how to start dating after divorce

The divorce is one of the most painful things in human life. Loss of a loved one, you feel like your heart is broken into hundred pieces. All that you need is time… to be honest, a lot of time really. All that you need to remember is that one day the pain will be […]

7 Things Girls prefer to lie about

What secrets hiding women? What do they want? 1.The Age. It is simple! They lie when they want. For young girls sometimes is more desirable to be older. Some of them cannot wait to grow up faster to be interesting for guys and start dating. On the other hand, older want changes her age to […]

Top 7 dating advice you should ignore

You can change him or her. A big mistake! Keep your eyes open and be realistic. Don’t have sex on the first date night. It must be in perfect time. No matter in what day. There are no rules here! You should lower your standards. Why?! Upholding standards it is not mean being picky, it […]