We offer unrivalled advertising opportunities to internet service providers. We have a few different advertising avenues that will generate traffic for your company. We use our industry experience to provide the ultimate marketing solution for service providers.

Banner Advertising
To ensure the most comprehensive advertising package we offer a variety of banner positions that can suite either small or large marketing campaigns. These banners will provide you with highly competitive branding opportunities whilst delivering a range of focused visitors.

Homepage sponsorship is the perfect way to drive traffic to your website. The adverts are located on our homepages which gain extensive exposure to wide ranging audiences. This exposure will help build brand awareness whilst increasing the amount of targeted visitors you receive.

Text Ads
Text ads hold a prime advertising position on our homepage. Adverting with a text ad means that your company’s name will be the first consumers see on our sites. This will aid your brand awareness and the amount of clicks generated from potential customers.

  • Home page top Banner : 728×90 or custom html code / $55/month
  • Home page middle Banner : 728×90 or custom html code / $35/month
  • Sidebar Banners on Inner Pages : $35/month

10% off if paid for 60 days && 25% off if paid for 90 days.