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Why are Russian women so popular in the West?
This question is constantly asked by Russian women willing to marry a foreign man? They all have their reasons to search for a husband abroad, which nevertheless can be counted down to just three. First and most important - lack of men in Russia (according to the last census data, the number of women exceeds that of men by 10 million, and for the age of 40 and over the ratio goes up to terrifying 1:10!). Secondly, those few who are still available are simply not competitive, suffering from alcoholism, unable to provide for the family, etc. And the last basic reason is unstable economic situation in Russia, while it is only natural that people always look for better place to live? So it is all clear with Russian ladies. The more interesting question is what the men want! What do they lack so much that they, being quite well-off and financially secure, are going overseas to search a wife, who is more often than not is unsettled, with lots of problems, totally different mentality and no language skills? Don't they have their own women? That's right! According to statistics, in all economically advanced countries number of men significantly exceeds number of women. What are the reasons? There is quite a number of them, but they also can be counted down to just two. First is high level of medical service, which facilitates successful birth of male babies and prolongs their life in declining years (in Russia too there are more baby boys than girls, but grown men live much shorter life than women). Another reason is a great number of immigrants enlarging male population of well-to-do countries. For example, USA accepts about 1 million official immigrants every year. Who are they? Mostly single young men, or families. It is very hard to imagine a young woman changing her life so drastically. We don't say that there are no such women, we just say that there are very few of them. What does it lead to? It leads to the fact that the United States have 8 million more men than women. That's where your potential husbands live! And I don't even mention the point of American men being pitifully disappointed in their women, that is old news now. The suffrage, that is, feminist movement of the 50s has done its black deed - American women have gained full equality of rights, and lost just as much. Men see them as way too calculating and unattractive (which is not altogether untrue. Due to the infamous sexual harassment law many women have stopped taking care of their appearance, wear only jeans, eat too much junk food and have turned into manlike sexless creatures). Believe me, I don't think so - there are just as many sexually appealing and well-groomed American ladies - this is just the common opinion of men going East looking for a wife. Yeah, about East? When the whole territory of the Soviet Union was hidden behind the iron curtain, many Americans have turned their gazes to the very open Philippines, Thailand and other exotic oriental countries. They brought narrow-eyed beauties back home, had their babies and now worry from time to time about white population of America being rapidly assimilated by the yellow race. Especially taking into consideration all Chinese, who had promptly left their country during Mao dze Dun reign, and neighbors-Mexicans constantly flooding USA in search of better job and better life, and who are not all that white either. Frank Colleman has very well expressed this idea in his book To Russia for Love. He went to Russia several times, starting from the first so-called "socials" in the early 90s, until he found a great Russian woman Tatiana and brought her back to his native Oklahoma. He wrote simply "I want my kid to look like my kid." J And that's it. Russian sexuality is already legendary in the West, beauty of our women is valued all over the world and for good reason! Talking about this could take ages, but I don't want to bore you. I hope something got clearer now, at least a bit? Good luck in searching for your love and happiness!
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