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Tips For Saving Your Relationship

"Relationship is understanding. It is a process of self-revelation. Relationship is the mirror in which you discover yourself-To be is to be related. To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person"

We must form relationships in order to dissolve relationships. In relationships a self is related to another self. The opposite of self is no-self. The No-self is the True Self. When there is no self there is nothing to relate to. No relationships is necessary because you are one with what you relate to. How do you relate to yourself? You cant because you are one. In relationships both parties seek to derive something from the relationship. Usually an Idea that this person can offer you something. We form relationships so we can give to others and in turn they give to us. Be it love, time, money, company, happiness. In relationships all should be given and nothing expected in return. Even if they give to us nothing should ever be expected. The point of relationship is to build power. The power of 2 as one is stronger than the power of 2 individuals.

Saving your relationship means saving the love between 2 people. It means seeing the value of being together as opposed to being alone. If there is more value to be gained for both individuals being alone, than it would better to be separate. Saving your relationship means determining this value. Saving your relationship means Loving Yourself so That you can love another. Loving another and hating yourself is not giving true love.

"Life does not care about your relationships. Life is looking for a channel and like a strong wind, it will beat on relationships to test it. If the relationship can't take the testing then either the relationship needs to grow in strength so that it can take it or it may need to dissolve so something new and fresh can emerge from the ruins. Whether it crashes or not is less important than what is learned."

When relationships fail it is because the "I" is not getting what they want. The less want the better the relationship will function. With those we live and work and play with the less we want and expect from them the more they will ultimately give us. If you devote life to no-self than you devote life to all self's, because I am no-self and so is everyone else. If I'm dedicated to the true self(no-self) than I am dedicated to you and me. The goal is to be centered on life. Don't be self centered or even centered on others. Being centered on others denies yourself. Become one with all things. The true self separates itself from nothing.

While Saving Your Relationship may seem hopeless you must learn to "See the Sun In The Midst Of The Rain" See this as an opportunity for 2 strangers to fall in love again. Saving your relationship is always worth it. Even couples that break up must learn to forgive and let the past be the past. Before you were a couple you should have been friends, and nothing is more sacred and worth saving than friendship.

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I recommend you check out these resources if you are serious about saving your relationship. Everyone is unique so some ways work for others and

About Author
Dan Collins is a relationship counselor from Chicago, Illinois. He has been giving therapy to couples for the last 6 years.
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