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The Ultimate Guide To Giving Flowers

Most men, whether single or married, knows why giving flowers can score whopping points from women. Although some are still quite puzzled on why they even have to be bothered learning about these delicate and frilly creatures, it’s quite a common knowledge that flowers are pretty high up in the scale of romantic gestures. In fact, the only other thing that can really score points are jewellery (hint: diamonds are a girls’ best friend). It’s an unspoken and unwritten rule in relationships that men should know some things about giving flowers. Of course, if you want to impress a woman, you must go all-out to make your flowers stand out from the pack.

Knowing the essential things in buying a great bouquet can almost ensure one to be far ahead of the romantic competition. Sure, it’s no secret that women love blooms, but there are a lot of secrets behind the art of giving flowers, which we are about to expose one petal after another. One secret in flower-giving happens to be not-so-secret after all: it’s the thought that counts. This idea works well with gift-giving, and it works just fine with flowers, too. It doesn’t matter how little or big you spend; truth is, even just a single, well-placed bud can be well-received with a big smile (and a bigger kiss perhaps!).

Keep in mind that sometimes, less is more: a single, elegant rosebud is infinitely better than a hideously gigantic topiary that may just be the cause of embarrassment for her. Men often think that only special occasions warrant the need for giving flowers. However, women think otherwise: spontaneous flowers or any other spur-of-the-moment act of affection are considered more romantic. Women just love to be surprised, that even modest arrangements and single stems will be winners when she least expects them. A beautiful bouquet delivered at the office will definitely make her colleagues green with envy and you the ultimate prince charming for such a loving gesture.

Now, before you head out to buy her a fragrant arrangement of beautiful red roses, consider this: there are a lot of other flowers besides the ever-predictable rose. Sure, this flower may be the epitome of love and romance, but come on-- you know you can be more creative than that! There’s no doubt that roses are lovely, but then she just might have her own favourite bloom. Snoop around or ask her family or friends on what particular flower she’s fond of. She’ll be absolutely touched that you took time to know what she likes, that even if it’s just a small bouquet she will still be thrilled to the bones.

However, not all women are crazy with flowers—there are actually some who doesn’t have a favourite bloom. Simply choose an arrangement of her favourite colour: this can even include different types of flowers. With the help of a good florist, this just might be a bouquet that she will cherish forever. Just don’t forget to go easy with the greenery and filling-- sometimes an overwhelming amount can look downright cheesy and is typically more expensive, too.

About Author
The author of this article Ruth Purple is a Relationships Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Ruth recently decided to go public and share her knowledge and experience through her website You can sign up for her free newsletter and join her coaching program.
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